I am studying overseas at the moment, can I apply?

Yes, all overseas students who are eligible to work in Hong Kong are welcome to apply for the programme. Every year, we recruit from overseas and mainland universities and institutions.

Which timeline should I follow?

Whether you should follow the first round or second round recruitment timeline depends on your availability for attending the recruitment exercises (assessment centre and final interview) which take place in Hong Kong and require you to participate in person. You may be invited to participate in the early recruitment exercises while you are still studying overseas or participating in an exchange programme. If you can make yourself available to attend the assessment centre and final interview in December/January in person, you may choose to follow the timetable for first round recruitment. Otherwise, we will advise you to submit your application in May, following the time schedule for second round recruitment.

I already have job experience, can I apply?

Yes, recent graduates with job experience are very welcome. We value your exposure in working environment and knowledge gained in your past employments. Nevertheless, our Management Trainee programme is designed and structured for early career stage. Most of our management trainees are fresh graduates or candidates in their first few years of career development.

I applied for the MT programme last year but was unsuccessful, can I apply again?
Yes, re-applications are more than welcome. As you may have gained some new experience and attained additional qualifications recently, you will need to go through the whole application process again and you will be evaluated based on your most updated standing.
I am not a business major; would that affect my chance of becoming a SHKP Management Trainee?
Our programme is open to applicants from all disciplines. We are happy to build and work with a team of diverse talents. Cross-fertilization of ideas and perspectives from different disciplines enrich discussions and encourage comprehensive thinking. You do not have to be a business student to become a SHKP Management Trainee.
Do you have special requirements on the applicant's degree major and language proficiency?
We welcome applicants across all degree majors. However, we do require applicants to attain a high level of language proficiency in both Chinese (oral Cantonese) and English. Applicants will be assessed on both written and spoken skills in the process.
I would like to apply for the MT programme but I do not have the Right of Abode in Hong Kong; will SHKP apply a permit for me?
We will be happy to assist you in applying for a working visa if you have successfully gone through the whole recruitment process. You will however only be able to participate in the Programme if you successfully obtain the permit by the Government of HKSAR.
I am particularly interested in one of the subsidiaries of SHKP; can I apply directly to that company?
You are welcome to apply directly to our subsidiaries. SHKP has many subsidiaries operating in different industries. Some of them may also have their recruiting programmes that you can apply to. These programmes are independent from the SHKP Management Trainee Programme.
I would like to join the SHKP MT programme and am interested in both the Hong Kong and the mainland programmes. Can I apply for both positions?
We process the Hong Kong MT programme and the mainland programme applications separately but with the same set of requirements. Before you apply, we strongly suggest that you seriously think through where you would like to develop your career in the long term and where you would like to be stationed. We expect candidates to apply to only one programme.
How many management trainees do you plan to take this year?
In general, there is no fixed target for our MT recruitment. Each year’s intake depends mostly on the suitability of the candidates. Most of the host departments in Property Businesses and Non-Property Portfolio Businesses have flexibility in in-taking management trainees. Moreover, there is no set allocation between local universities and overseas universities.
I cannot submit my application online. What should I do?
Firstly, please try again on another computer. If the problem persists, please send your application letter and full resume through e-mail to hrm@shkp.com indicating the position you are applying for in the subject. We will process your application together with the online application.
I have already submitted my application but would like to update my personal / application details. What should I do?

You can contact our Human Resources Department through email to hrm@shkp.com to update your application detail after submission.


What is host function?

Host function is where the management trainee puts emphasis to develop when he/she joins us. During the programme, the trainee will mainly be attached to his/her host function to develop in-depth understanding of its operations. At the end of the programme, the trainee is expected to be posted to his/her host function for further advancement.

Can I change my preference on host function after I apply?

Yes. Throughout the selection process, candidates will have opportunities to know more about the typical work and development of the host functions. Candidates who are invited to the SHKP Open Day will also meet our colleagues from different host functions and also from Non-Property Portfolio Businesses. Having established more understanding and putting more thoughts on the fit, candidates can resubmit their preferences on host functions before the final interview stage.

Is it possible to move to work in a function other than the host function after the completion of the MT Programme?
At the end of the programme, the trainee is expected to be posted to the host function for his/her career development and advancement. The plan offers a path for the trainee to leverage his/her knowledge and experience acquired during the programme in his/her early career development; and therefore expecting an easier and smoother transition from the MT Programme. Nevertheless, if under situations that it would be better for the trainees and the Company to have the trainee transfer to other functions, HR Department will help facilitate the process. This should preferably be done prior to the end of the programme so that sufficient time is given to identify another host function.


Who will oversee my progress and career development if I join as a Non-Property Portfolio Businesses Management Trainee?

Every trainee of the Non-Property Portfolio Businesses Department will have two mentors guiding and supporting the trainee throughout the programme. You will have one mentor from the Non-Property Portfolio Businesses Department who will be offering guidance on work related matters and general development; and another mentor from another department offering different perspectives to help broaden your scope of thinking.

What form of training will I receive throughout the programme as a Non-Property Portfolio Businesses Management Trainee?

We offer both classroom modules and on-the-job training. Trainees are invited to attend Group-wide training on not only business related topics but also personal development such as leadership and strategic thinking. In addition, you will gain exposure to different industries and operations and develop analytical skills through working at the Department and the attachments to subsidiaries. The programme will also sponsor you to study and attempt either CIMA or CFA, depending on whether you graduated with an accounting degree and target to achieve a professional qualification in the 3 year timeframe.

Can I choose which subsidiaries to attach to? What is the mechanics of the attachment?

The attachments structured in the programme aims to expand the horizon of the trainees and offer opportunities for the trainees to gain real business operations experience. Through the mentors and regular development discussions, you will have many opportunities to indicate your preference and industry interest. Depending on the availability of suitable positions, timing of projects and capabilities required by the business units, your attachment programme will be designed. Your preferences are definitely one of the important inputs to the design of the attachments.

Do I have a choice on which subsidiary I get posted to at the end of the programme?

Your final post will be assigned at the end of the three-year MT programme with respect to your preference, the headquarters evaluation and the subsidiaries’ requirements and assessments. The trainee will be placed at the most appropriate position for his/her further development and career growth.


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