Learning & Development

Mentor Programme

Senior executives are assigned as mentors to pass on their expertise and perspectives in order to help with each trainee’s professional development and career exploration. They meet regularly in both formal and casual occasions to share experiences. These mentors are great resources to the trainees.

Sponsorships for
Further Studies

SHKP encourages and supports continuous learning. We have long tradition of providing staff with financial assistance to further their studies. Trainees will be fully sponsored to acquire their professional qualifications like CIMA or CFA during the programme. Full sponsorship will also be available for trainees to pursue a Master Degree.

Classroom Training & Corporate Events

A comprehensive training curriculum is tailored for trainees to accelerate their development. At the beginning of the programme, trainees are arranged to undergo an induction programme to familiarize themselves with the company businesses and corporate values. Throughout the programme, they are provided with ample opportunities to participate in various structured classroom training and corporate events to sharpen their communication, presentation, problem solving and leadership skills. Furthermore, training courses on diversified topics are available for the trainees to pursue their personal development.


(Property Businesses)


(Non-Property Portfolio Businesses)